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The Sharp Shooter Family




Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychains

For your personal self defense Sharp Shooter Keychains are tools intended to prevent, interrupt or
stop a attacker in his tracks. A personal alarm, pepper spray, stun device, gun, knife, baton or
any number of other self defense devices can save your life but may not be the
best device for you to carry every place you go. If you are considering a personal safety device,
then you need the Sharp Shooter keychain. Go to bushidoproductions.com  and decide which
Sharp Shooter self defense items might be right for you.
And when you’re ready to purchase a patented self defense device from our reliable company,
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A number of cities and states have restrictions on the size strength of pepper spray . If you have a question you should check with you local city or state attorneys office. Defense sprays can only be purchased by those 18 years of age or older but laws change  from time to time so remember to check with your local city or state attorneys office.In most states, pepper spray laws permit you to carry and own pepper spray but a number of cities and states have restrictions. Yet in many other countries they are illegal or have heavy restrictions.Some states and many countries have placed restrictions on the shipment of self defense sprays.Sometimes, you may need to protect more than yourself ,family friends, your home ,and everyone else living there. In such a case much stronger products then pepper spray or mace are needed, and we have a large selection of  self defense keychains with more power than any spray.For home defense pepper sprays and stun guns are never good enough to   meet all your safety needs. The Sharp Shooter keychains are a great self defense weapon and will stop a attacker in his tracks.  If you are looking for legal self defense keychains, than look no further. When you want to keep you and loved ones safe if you don’t  want to live in fear if you want to protect your home and  loved ones then the Sharp Shooter  keychains are perfect for you.http://bushidoproductions.com

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